SUN user requirements have been finalised by KPEOPLE and IN2 ( The phases of co-creating user requirements went from personal interviews with the end users participating in the project (CRR-Suva, OAC, ASL-NO, FACTOR) to workshops with all partners to define the pilot’s user personas to be able to identify user requirements. 

Once identified these were later grouped based on category (legal, experiential, functional, technological) and further analysed and revised in consortium-wide workshops. 

Finally, through interactive workshops involving all stakeholders from the project, the requirements were prioritised using the MoSCoW methodology (Must have, Should have, Could have and Won’t have). For each user requirement, all participants voted for which priority group to place the user requirement. The voting results were hidden until a significant number of votes were gathered. Then the results were revealed and if there was not a clear winner, a discussion was conducted to better understand the implications of the requirement and the different points of view. Based on this discussion a prioritisation decision was taken either directly or after a re-voting.  When selecting a priority group the view of the importance of the user requirement was concerning the pilot as realised in the SUN project and not as a requirement for a final product to be released after the project. 

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