SUN’s six objectives

Objective 1

SUN will define intuitive 3D data acquisition solutions for physically convincing digital 3D models. Acquired 3D models will include physical properties rendering information, as well as handlers to allow automatic linking with real objects. SUN will also offer solutions to facilitate acquisition of new environments and creation of new XR applications.

Objective 2

We will develop solutions for a real-time, realistic, plausible, and convincing mixing of physical and virtual worlds to improve XR experiences. SUN will study solutions for multimodal XR collaboration; AI-enhanced solutions for XR visualization with limited resources; creation and usage of hyper- realistic avatars. Solutions for using 3D CAD data in XR; solutions for XR immersive data analytics.

Objective 3

This objective will be reached via the development of a number of solutions for innovative XR interaction. We will develop solutions for gaze-based interaction and gesture-based interaction based on computer vision and wearable sensors. We will also develop solutions for multimodal, multi-user interaction in XR through haptic interfaces. To find a dedicated communication pathway for people with different abilities, we will develop Bidirectional body-machine interfaces (BBMI) able to decode motor and communication information by using all available interfaces. The BBMI will also be able to deliver sensory feedback to the user about the movement and the interaction with the avatar in virtual

Objective 4

We will develop a secure and integrated platform for XR that allows sharing and exchanging of digital assets, exploiting Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs), and supporting the customers ecosystem value chain. The Platform will be used to test the developed solutions in real-world scenarios in different target sectors. Moreover, we will offer a trustworthy Data and Content Management infrastructure across Europe, leveraging on the active participation as full members of ENG within IDSA and GAIA-X, supporting the federation of different sources in a highly scalable, resilient, and interoperable way, fostering the European Data Space and the related benefits in terms of data protection, attribution, preservation and accessibility. Recognising that preventive cyber security measures may fail, for example against new types of threats against XR data and systems, SUN’s XR platform will be the first to be able to self-detect cyber incidents in real-time and aim to warn the user before their impact escalates for example into a safety incident.

Objective 5

This objective will be reached when the developed solutions are demonstrated and validated in 3 highly relevant real-world scenarios: the use of XR in environments such as 2) rehabilitation, 2) safety and better working conditions, and 3) interaction with people having mobility or communication diseases. In those experimental scenarios, the technologies, their acceptance, and their impact will be measured and conditions for outcomes to be used beyond the project life will be prepared.

Objective 6

The project will guarantee short-and medium-term impact by engaging a massive number of relevant stakeholders. To do so, the project will hold up to several meetings with stakeholders interested in the project exploitation pathway either from communities (users, researchers, etc) and potential target industrial sectors. Communication, Dissemination and Engagement plan will ensure that all relevant outcomes of the project are properly communicated to the target stakeholders
and an exploitation plan will design the roadmap for the future sustainability of the innovative tools developed within the project.

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