The integration of the different modules of the integrated platform of Extended Realty (XR) in SUN Project, is going on and thus the planning of the three different pilots has started. As for the pilot one, rehabilitation scenario, it has been totally defined as well as the exercises and motor task both for upper and lower limb. The users have been identified. They are both disable people  due to orthopedic impairment as knee or shoulder osteoarthritis or knee/shoulder joint replacement and women with motor disorder after breast cancer surgery. The total number of subject to be involved is at least ten and specific outcome measure have been identified. Every subject will receive as treatment three sessions/week lasting 30/45 min for three weeks provided inside a dedicated environment in Versilia Hospital in Lido di Camaiore, Lucca Italy.

After the integration and implementation of the XR Platform, the pilot will be validated in the next year.





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