SUN XR has been presented at the NEM Summit 2023, an international conference and exhibition, open to co-located events and organised every year since 2008 by the NEM Initiative (New European Media – European Technology Platform) for all those interested in the broad area of media and content.

In particular:

  • Vincenzo Croce, from our partner ENG, presented “Blockchain and NFTs for Web3.0 and Metaverse” describing SUN XR approach to the blockchain technology, the implementation of NFTs transactions and the Web 3.0 paradigm and its evolution towards the Metaverse.
  • Giuseppe Amato, the SUN XR coordinator from CNR-ISTI, presented “A vision on extended reality from the SUN XR  project” focusing on the project approach to make XR real and easily usable and on the demonstration in three social and human relevant Pilots: rehabilitation, safety and training in industry, and aid to people with reduced mobility capabilities.
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