The Social and hUman ceNtered XR (SUN) project, in collaboration with various partners including OAC, is dedicated to exploring and enhancing extended reality (XR) solutions with a focus on human and social interaction. Despite not being directly affiliated with Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan, SUN’s innovative approach carries significant implications for cancer care, particularly in the realm of aftercare and rehabilitation for breast cancer survivors. Commissioner Stella Kyriakides emphasized the importance of initiatives like SUN during her recent speech in Brussels, highlighting the need for comprehensive support beyond treatment. SUN’s integration of physical and virtual worlds aligns with the vision of a people-centered European Health Union, as outlined by Commissioner Kyriakides. As a key Horizon Europe project, SUN exemplifies the intersection of technology and healthcare, offering sustainable contributions to long-term cancer care strategies in the EU.

Here is the LINK to all EU financed projects related to Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan.

Concluding remarks by Stella Kyriakides, European Commissioner for Health and Food Safety

Author: Petra Thaller (OAC)

Stella Kyriakides

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