The first ESAB meeting took place on March the 13th 2024.

During the virtual meeting the SUN project was introduced by Giuseppe Amato (project coordinator CNR) and Fabio Perossini (ESAB coordinator KPRF) explained objective and planning for ESAB activities.

Stefano Mazzoleni asked about real status of maturity for technologies proposed by the project and Giuseppe Amato answered the question.

Paolo Dario raised the Ethical issue related to devices going to be used in the pilots if they will be prototypes (developed in the project), or off the shelf devices purchesed in the market. A second question focused one of SUN key objective the ethical approach toward the use by all availability of SUN outcomes.

Xenophon Zabulis introduced the possible collaboration with other HE projects and particulary asked about semantic annotation and 3D acquisition techniques and references.

Advisors will have access to publid deliverables and to others after signing a not disclosure agreement.

Next plan is to organise a meeting after the plenary meeting the project will have in Crete next May 2024.


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