The develop of an integrated platform of Extended Realty (XR), which is the main goal of SUN European Project, is going on as planned. In particular the pilot 1 that is expected to be used for upper and lower limbs disabilities rehabilitation is now in more advanced phase. The potential users have been identified such as the technologies that must be integrated and implemented for providing a rehabilitative treatment in XR environment where the subject wear an XR visor and he/she is equipped with a lot of sensors and he/she can interact with virtual object appearing in their real world. By motion sensors, haptic sensors, biological signals i.e. EMG, ECG, EEG, tactile and thermal signals and so on the XR platform will be able to collect a lot of objective information about how the patients are performing their exercise. Physiotherapists receive these information an he/she can guide the exercise. Furthermore in the scenario a virtual physiotherapist (AVATAR) appears performing the activities required in right way and the patients have to follow the AVATAR movement receiving an on line feedback about the difference between their movement and an ideal trajectory provided by the AVATAR.

The performance patient’s improvement can be objectively assessed recording the changes in the parameters provided by the sensors. Anyway a specific clinical scale for patients assessment will be applied together with a questionnaire on the acceptability of this new technology.

The rehabilitation department of Versilia Hospital AUSL Toscana Nord Ovest is the site where this new XR integrated platform will be implemented and validated
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