Manufacturing shop floors are inherently risky environments.  At Factor Ingeniería y Decoletaje S.L., we’re partnering with Holo and UPV to develop cutting-edge eXtended Reality (XR) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions that prioritize worker safety and operational efficiency in high-volume production.

Case Study 1: XR-Enhanced Safety Training

New employees face a steep learning curve when it comes to safety protocols. Our XR application simplifies this process by providing immersive visual instruction on regulations and PPE usage. 🥽 In the practice phase, AI-powered object detection helps employees analyze colleague’s PPE use, reinforcing safe practices.

Case Study 2: Real-Time Risk Prevention

XR glasses and external cameras work together to identify misplaced objects in transit corridors, generating real-time warnings to prevent accidents.  Additionally, workers receive priority task alerts, ensuring smooth operations and reducing stress.

Our Goal: A Safer, More Efficient Future

This pilot project is just the beginning. By integrating XR and AI, we’re committed to making manufacturing safer and more efficient. 


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