By the integration of Extended Realty (XR) technologies and a lot of different sensors, people suffering for disabilities can be immerse in a mix of realistic or imaginary worlds where they have to perform rehabilitative exercises guided by a virtual physiotherapist (AVATAR). They are able to interact with objects not only by visual feedback, but other senses, i.e. sense of touching, are involved reproducing in the virtual world the same interaction of the real world.

The rehabilitation department of Versilia Hospital AUSL Toscana Nord Ovest is the site where the rehabilitation scenario in the metaverse will be implemented and validated by a pilot study.

In a fist stage people suffering for disabilities due to orthopedic impairment will be enrolled. Two different group of rehabilitative exercises will be available: one for the upper limbs and another one for the lower limbs. In particular people suffering for osteoarthritis or knee joint replacement will be ask to perform rehabilitative exercises in a mix reality suggested by a virtual therapist and they will be engaged to perform correct motor action receiving a continuous feedback by the AVATAR.By using this technologies the motor recovery should be better and faster.

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