The IGOODI IGVH Avatar production platform is taking form! Here’s a sneak peak of the current development state of the art for our automatic, scalable, cloud-native, avatar production pipeline. It is able to reconstruct a fully rigged, textured, clothed and highly accurate, realistic avatar of a person within minutes, fully automatic! 

Avatars that can be used and are useful for a variety of vertical application domains such as Healthcare, Wellness, Fashion, Training, Safety and more. In SUN-XR, we apply these avatars in our three pilots, namely, Rehabilitation, Safety and Social Interaction at work, and in support of people with Serious Mobility and Verbal Communication Diseases. 

It uses highly advanced technology developed by IGOODI, as also part of the SUN-XR consortium, and we cannot wait to put it in practice and validation once finalised in the up coming pilots within SUN-XR and beyond for further exploitation and commercialization. 

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