IGOODI is strongly committed to the SUN XE Project’s ambitious vision of building new, more believable, and more agile opportunities for human and social connection between the physical and virtual worlds.

Towards this direction, our ability to generate photorealistic Avatars of real people through a fully automated pipeline and to integrate them with a dataset (Smart Body) that reports their exact anthropometric measurements, mass indices, and body shape analysis is a relevant factor in the success of the project.

Together with the other SUN Partners, we are addressing the following three fields of development: ExtendedReality in support of rehabilitation processes, social interaction in work environments and recovery of verbal and mobility disorders.

In each of these areas, the photorealistic fidelity of IGOODI’s Avatars, its exact physical and anthropometric characteristics, and the ability to move and speak with high resemblance to human expressions are the basis of an emotional credibility and empathy that are fundamental elements in relating with human counterparts.

The creation of the automatic and scalable production pipeline is well under development. A parametric template, derived from statistical modelling, allows us to register all the new meshes with common topology.
Following this process, we are able to derive a set of anthropometric measurements and, as next steps of development, also the rig and pave the way for all the other pipeline steps.

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