Currently, Factor Ingeniería y Decoletaje, partner in the SUN Project, is in the process of digitizing the company, focusing its efforts to achieve the philosophy of smart manufacturing. The use of devices enabling data collection for processing is essential. Through the installation of systems (both hardware and software), everything can be interconnected: machines, sensors, production programs, and more.

In this digitalization journey towards cutting-edge technology in the industry, research into augmented reality and virtual reality holds significant value. The utilization of these technologies in the future could bring substantial benefits to the company and its employees. For example, it could serve as a valuable aid in detecting and warning workers about potential imminent hazards in their vicinity, thereby preventing numerous workplace accidents.

In an industrial environment, the use of augmented or virtual reality also stands out for its role in facilitating employee training and development, enabling them to learn new techniques and procedures more effectively—a critical factor in a manufacturing environment where skill is paramount.

In summary, the integration of smart manufacturing and augmented/virtual reality concepts can enhance accuracy, efficiency, and quality, as well as optimize training, safety and data-driven decision-making, ultimately resulting in a more competitive and agile company.


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