“Ethics by Design” is a proactive approach to integrating ethical considerations into the design and development of technology, systems, or processes from the very beginning. Instead of treating ethics as an afterthought or a reactive measure, this concept encourages designers, developers, and stakeholders to embed ethical principles into every stage of a project’s lifecycle. By integrating “Ethics by Design” into every stage, the SUN project is committed to developing technology with ethical responsibility. “Ethics by Design” encompasses several critical elements in the SUN project: 

1.     Ethical Governance: Establishing a clear framework for ethical decision-making, with involvement from a diverse group of stakeholders to ensure multiple perspectives are considered.
2.     Privacy and Data Protection: Designing XR experiences that prioritize user privacy, with robust data protection measures in place to prevent unauthorized access or misuse of personal information.
3.     Inclusivity and Accessibility: Ensuring that the technology is accessible to people with varying abilities and backgrounds and designing for inclusivity to reach a wider audience.
4.     Transparency and Trust: Providing clear information about how the technology works and what data is being used, allowing users to make informed decisions about their engagement with XR experiences.
5.     Fairness and Non-discrimination: Taking steps to ensure that the technology does not reinforce biases or lead to discriminatory outcomes, promoting a more equitable experience for all users.
6.     User Well-being: Designing XR experiences with a focus on user health, safety, and overall well-being, and avoiding features that could cause harm or discomfort. 

SUN’s commitment to “Ethics by Design” demonstrates a forward-thinking approach to technological development, ensuring that the immersive experiences it creates are not only innovative but also aligned with ethical values. 

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