The SUN project started a co-creation process for gathering user requirements consisting of the following 3 phases:

  • Inspiration phase: a wide potential users’ consultation
  • Ideation phase: design of requirements including processes simulation 
  • Implementation phase: requirements assessment 

Since co-creation is a collaborative process where users and other stakeholders work together with the development team to identify and prioritise features and functionality based on their needs and expectations, we have started defining user personas and stakeholders for each of the scenarios it plans to implement, namely: 

  • XR-based rehabilitation 
  • Extended reality for safety and social interaction at work 
  • Extended reality for people with serious mobility and verbal communication diseases.

Given the diverse needs of the three use cases, the project approaches co-creation in a way that maximises participation and engagement from each user group by involving representative users from each group and facilitating workshops or focus groups to gather input on their needs, expectations, and pain points related to XR.

Are you interested to join us in a brainstorming session about your requirements? Contact and become part of the future generation of XR technologies!.

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