Is “Avatars for Good” a viable option today? The answer is undoubtedly positive. This is one of the main objectives of the SUNxr.he Project, in which IGOODI  and its avatars -along with the other technological partners- are developing an extended reality technological ecosystem capable of combining physical and virtual worlds to the service of people.

A first and important aspect of functionality on which we are investing in research and development concerns the Avatar as a tutor for the rehabilitation of patients with motor problems.

The utility in this case concerns the Prescription of postures and movements, which if performed by the avatar and in turn repeated by the user, allow learning of the correct action to be performed by simple imitation. In other words, if this hypothesis is confirmed by practical experimentation, by observing the digital copy of themselves, the patients will be able to learn and adopt the exercise more efficiently. Furthermore, a post-exercise performance analysis that can visualize to the user the exact movements they performed mapped on their Avatar and with visual cues on performance salient points becomes a powerful tool in the hands of both for the patient and the physiotherapist.






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