Wearable-based sensing technologies enable ubiquitous and continuous monitoring of the body kinematics, while being egocentric, and do not suffer from occlusion or poor lighting, like camera-based solutions.
@ThinGenious, in @SUNxr.he EU research project, leverages the latest advancements in the field to make rehabilitation more effective and accessible. @SUNxr.he envisions a future where wearable technology can harness the power of AI to monitor remotely the everyday progress and offer real-time feedback to both patients and healthcare provider.
Technologies used in the demo:
–         Hardware: Xsens MVN awinda sensors by @Movella
–         Software: Transformer-Inertial-Poser (TIP), https://github.com/jyf588/transformer-inertial-poser

On Youtube you can find a short video showing the above technology.






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